Founder Necip Akar



He was born in Nizip in 1904 then came to İstanbul with his family when he was 5 years old. After his primary school education in Kadıköy, he completed his secondary school education at Vefa High School. He graduated from pharmacy school in 1924.

However while studying at the pharmacy school; Necip Akar began working in Necip Özgül’s pharmacy which was located in Divanyolu.

At that time, some medicines were able to be produced in pharmacies. Therefore while taking theoretical education at pharmacy school;he also gained practical insight and experience in cream and toothpaste production in the pharmacy.

After completing his military service following his graduation from phacmacy school and together with his six months work experience at Mr. Hüsnü’s pharmacy, Necip Akar made a partnership with his older brother Cemil Akar. They initially began to produce the pharmaceutical preparations called “Şampuan Cemil (shampoo)”, “Necip Bey Cream” and “Necip Toothpaste”. After a short time, the production of Necip Bey Cream was terminated; then the formula of Necip Toothpaste was modified to a more scientific effective preparation. Later, a license dated July 28, 1927 was obtained and the production of a new toothpaste called ‘Radyolin’ started. Both the name and the formula of the new toothpaste were perfect. Moreover by making the first countrywide poster advertisement, Necip Akar marked a new original era in this field and scientifically modernized the advertising business in Turkey. Necip Akar successfully introduced Radyolin to the market and and in a single month made the same sales which Necip Toothpaste was able to achieve in two years. In a year, almost half a million Radyolin toothpaste were sold.


Having competence in research and a strong work ethic, in 1931 Necip Akar was able to take into account the cold and flu epidemic which spread throughout the whole country that winter and developed a new painkiller. The formula was sold in a single package which could cure cold and flu illnesses practically and in the shortest time. He took the license of “Gripin” consisting of the word “Grip (meaning flu)” and he launched it to the market.


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