Our vision;
   To become a corporate leader at all sectors we are actively operational in, by ensuring high added value, stable growth and sustainable profitability.

Our mission;
   To perform continuous excellence of our production, promotion, technical service and sales activities which provide a sustainable added-value both to our target customers and our own corporate identity in all business sectors we are involved in, within the scope of; our repetitive corporate history, plants that meet the international standards, pertaining utmost creativity, continuous innovation, implementing progress to meet the requirements of total quality system, managerial and operational philosophy encouraging team work and the aim of environmental protection approach.
Our History;
    History of Necip Akar Holding A.Ş. dates back to 1924 to when a pharmacologist- Necip Akar, established the first modern national pharmaceutical production facility. The company expanded its business volume and coverage fields over time and turned into a Holding Company in 1976 and currently upholds its operational sustainability through 7 unique companies within its framework.
Corporate Identity;
   The basic goal of our group companies is to ensure our mass population to reach us in the shortest, easiest and most reliable way possible, and to enhance our common corporate values to a level of coordination where all employees of Necip Akar Holding will have to apply said values in terms of formation of our infrastructure and designing our business style as a whole.

   We believe that our customers, employees, business partners and financial partners make immense contributions to the success and growth perspective of Necip Akar Holding, and said belief forms a foundation on which our network of mutually beneficial relations are created and sustained and on which our corporate responsibilities are based.

   Our group of companies believes that corporate strength can be only as much as the strength of its employees, so that we respect the principle of creating superiority in technological and modern sense. In order to realize this principle and ensure it to be sustainable, we undertake the following basic responsibilities: ensuring high quality labor-force, fulfilling our commitments towards the employees, improving the working conditions, upgrading the life standards of employees, supporting them to improve their professional and cultural levels.

   We believe that a sustainable social presence can only be achieved by means of a responsible, accessible and perceivable structure; therefore we strive to keep on improving our technology, perfecting our raw material and energy inputs, providing the customers with product and technical expertise supports, increasing the working security level, and treating all segments of our target customers in an equal way by respecting the regional differences.

   Necip Akar Holding is involved in a broad range of business fields including pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food, textile, tourism and restaurants through its 7 companies in accordance with the values and principles described above.



Gripin İlaç A.Ş:  Manufactures various pharmaceuticals including Gripin, one of the first pharmaceutical brands in Turkey.

Derman İlaç Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş: Manufactures a painkiller under the brand name Derman.

Paro Laboratuvarı Ltd. Şti: One of the oldest companies in its sector, Paro Laboratuvarı is leader in the production of medical cachets.


Covo Seyahat ve Turizm A.Ş: Part of the Lufthansa City Center chain, is one of the most respected IATA tourism operators in the country.

İnter Rut Turizm ve Ticaret A.Ş: This company is involved in the restaurant and catering business.

Chemicals, Food and Textile

Biokim Özsezen Kimya Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd. Şti: This company acts as the exclusive Turkish representative of several international leaders of functional food supplements.

Biokim Wenda Kimya Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş: Started as a joint venture made between Necip Akar Holding and the leading Chinese Company, Wenda International, has a unique infrastructure based on the ability to supply high quality ingredients from consistent and reliable sources complying with the applicable international standards, to the related markets in the fields of Food, Pharmaceutical, Household, Industrial and Textile.

   To become a corporate leader at all sectors we are actively operational in, by ensuring high added value, stable growth and sustainable profitability.

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